Optimize your fertility

Do you want to get into hormonal balance naturally? Do you have PMS, or PMDS? Do you have PCOS? Are you suffering from Endometriosis and thus terrible period pain? Have you recently had children, but feel that your  hormones are not yet back in balance? Has your period disappeared? Did your period never return after you stopped eating birth control pills?

Are you thinking about getting children? Are you suffering from unexplained infertility? Do you want to optimize your body for the best conditions for your future child? Are you planning to do an IVF treatment? Do you need to work with your weight for a fertility treatment or pregnancy? Do you have the will but not really the tools to achieve your health goals? Are you involuntarily childless?

A healthy and balanced body is fertile

Hormone Health works from a functional medicine perspective, with a special interest in optimal health and fertility and how to support the body naturally. Individual-based lifestyle medicine means that I focus on you and your unique situation. I take the time to listen and help you find solutions together as a team based on your personal situation, symptoms, possible diagnosis and lifestyle.

I don't see your symptoms as the problem itself, instead I look for the root cause of the symptoms. A healthy and balanced body is fertile and has a good hormonal balance. For me, optimal health and fertility optimization is not just about wanting to get pregnant. Instead I look at fertility as a sign of health where the body is so in balance that it can prioritize the reproductive systems.
I work closely together with Swedish OB/Gyn’s, midwives, endocrinologists and GP’s. If needed I may refer to them for examinations and regular lab-work. I also have close connections with
CBT therapists, medicinal yoga instructors and doulas. My network of international ND’s, MD’s and physiotherapists are also a great resource.