Schedule an appointment with me

You can book for the following services:

  • Individual fertility coaching in 12 weeks
  • Mercier Therapy 
  • Hormone therapy
  • Nutrition and herbal therapy
  • V- steam

You can order the following tests, and get a review of:

  • Dutch test
  • Hair mineral analysis
  • Food intolerance
  • Other Nordic Labs tests

When booking an appointment with me, I will send you a health questionnaire to be completed by you before the advice session. You’ll send back the completed health questionnaire via mail. In the same mail you may (optional) add documents such as test results, documents on medical history or other documents that you wish to share with me before the appointment.

Nutrition- and herbal therapy

As a functional medicine nutritionist I work with a lifestyle-oriented perspective. I look for the reason an imbalance has occured. With the help of tests, health surveys, symptoms and your own description, We create a complete picture of the current situation. I work out a plan together and you will get recommendations and tools to achieve your goals.

My goal is always to help you get a better quality of life, lifestyle, balance and health as a whole. I work with counseling, dietary changes, herbs and supplements to achieve results.

Hormone therapy

Imbalanced sex- and stress hormones can be expressed in different ways. It may cause anything from mood swings to infertility in both men and women. Mercier Sverige works from a holistic perspective with nutrition and lifestyle as the foundation.

You may get hormonal imbalances for many reasons; stress, nutritional deficiencies, poor sleep, too much or too little exercise, hormonal contraceptives, environmental toxins and much more.

I may help with problems such as endometriosis, PCOS, myomas, anovulation, amenorrhea, and when you want to - or have - stopped taking hormonal contraceptives.

I help with the above mentioned problems based on your personal situation, symptoms, diagnosis and lifestyle.

Mercier Therapy

Under the Mercier Therapy section you can find more information about each and every situation to find what relates to your specific needs. 
First consultation

I always have an introductory meeting with you as a client, or as a couple before treatment is performed. During that meeting we decide, together with you, the type of treatment that best suits your needs. At the first introductory meeting I review the previously submitted health forms, tests, and talk about lifestyle and other factors that may positively or negatively affect your health.

I also offer nutritional- and herbal therapy as addons to all treatments to optimize the results.
Shared Journey fertility optimization outside of Stockholm

For those living outside of Stockholm or outside of Sweden, I have an intensive 4-day treatment program where you will receive Mercier Therapy for 90min/day. The other components of Mercier Therapy optimization, Shared Journey, are included and implemented remotely via Skype/video. If 2 couples or more wishing for this service, I may travel to your place. Additional costs for the trip will be added.
Other Mercier treatments outside of Stockholm

For those living outside of Stockholm or outside of Sweden, I have an intensive 4-day treatment program where you will receive Mercier Therapy for 90min/day. The first consultation is conducted remotely via Skype/Video. If 2 couples or more wishing for this service, I may travel to your place. Additional costs for the trip will be added.

In addition to Mercier Therapy, after pregnancy, fertility awareness, hormonal imbalances and male fertility optimization, you may book nutritional, herbal or hormone therapy.

Tests and how I work

I work both online (videoconference), via phone and at my clinic in Stockholm.

The consultation with me is divided into two parts. In the first part, you will tell me about your problems and I will review the health questionnaire and any previous tests that you have submitted to me. I talk about lifestyle, relationships, stress and other factors that may adversely or positively affect your health. Step by step we create an overview and a starting point to work from.

During the second part of the consultation I will provide information and recommendations about diet, any additional tests to take and a plan to move forward.

Some of the tests and methods I work with are: Mercier Therapy, functional medicine protocol, food- and nutrition advice, Dutchtest, gut health, hair mineral analysis, foodintolerances and thyroid tests among many others.

I work closely together with Swedish OB/gyn, midwives, endocrinologists and GP:s. If needed I may refer to them for examinations and regular lab-work. I also have close connections with
cbt-therapists, medicinal yoga intructors and doulas. Our network of international ND:s, MD:s and physiotherapists are also a great resource.